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International Certification for Coaches, Trainers, Human Resources, and Consultants

All the Training, Tools and Support You Need to Build Yourself a Thriving Social and Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching Practice

Social and Emotional Intelligence training and coaching is the fastest-growing, most in-demand area of personal and professional development in the world today!

Gain Massive Credibility As An Emotional Intelligence Subject Matter Expert In A Way That ACTUALLY Leads To More Clients! 

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Here's Some of What You Will Learn When You Enrol in this Proven, Step-By-Step Program:

  • How you can expand your training, coaching, or consulting expertise, and carve out a niche that allows you to distinguish your practice from others, which gets you more long-term clients.
  • Proven techniques for accelerating your clients' growth, development, and success so they come back for more and refer you to their friends.
  • How to coach and develop 26 distinct competencies of social and emotional intelligence in your clients (and yourself!), so you never run out of problems that you can solve for individuals and organisations.
  • How to become aware of your emotions and those of others - in the moment, to maintain control of your reactions and responses in any situation!
  • How you can use this information to manage your behavioural responses and manage your relationships more effectively.
  • How to provide laser, targeted coaching by learning how to measure your clients' social and emotional intelligence (using the most comprehensive, statistically reliable, and valid instrument on the market today), help them identify their strengths and potential vulnerabilities, and create with them an individual development plan and program that involves sustained, ongoing coaching (with YOU), so you finally can have a consistent, regular income.
  • How to become more emotionally self-aware, build your own self-confidence and personal power, manage stress, and live more intentionally, so you get the results you want faster!
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Receive Global Credibility

Are you tired of competing in the same client pool as all the other coaches and trainers around the world?

This program will help you to SET YOURSELF APART from your peers by receiving an internationally recognised certification in a highly sought-after coaching and training methodology.

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Get Certified At Your Own Pace and See a Return on Your Investment Faster!

Enrol and start learning today, instead of waiting for an externally scheduled course to start. You choose your own pace and have the unique opportunity to grow your practice while you are still studying. You could even earn your investment back before you finish.

Here Are Some of the Reasons People Just Like YOU Enrol in This Program:

  • When you enrol into the program and complete the modules, you will gain an International Certification to administer and debrief both the Self-Assessment and 360-versions of the renowned Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile SEIP®, as well as access to extensive coaching reports in the Workplace, Adult, and Youth Editions.
  • Immediately after you enrol, you will get Instant Access to a professionally-designed, highly-entertaining, 'Done-For-You' PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation you can use to introduce Social and Emotional Intelligence to your existing and future clients, for presentation in Workshops, Training, for Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions, and for marketing your practice.
  • As well as the DFY PowerPoint, you get access to over 75 engaging, relevant, Done-For-You, Coaching Exercises, Worksheets, Tip-Sheets, and much more to use with your clients to help accelerate their social and emotional intelligence. (NO NEED TO CREATE YOUR OWN MATERIALS SO YOU CAN START WORKING WITH NEW CLIENTS STRAIGHT AWAY)
  • You will learn and master Advanced Strategies for managing tough emotional situations, debilitating conflict, dysfunctional teams, groups, and families, and overcoming the negative self-talk that often accompanies energy-draining relationships and situations.
  • The opportunity to earn *12 re-certification credits from the International Coach Federation (ICF).
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This Proven Training and Certification Program was Written and Developed by Coaches for Coaches.

This program is designed specifically for coaches, trainers, HR leaders, and consultants to equip them with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools to assess client strengths and development needs in social and emotional intelligence and coach them in 26 key social and emotional intelligence competencies.

Easy to consume, step by step, self-paced modules, delivered in bite-sized chunks with implementation exercises along the way for faster results!

Social + Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Social and Emotional Intelligence

In this module, you will discover why this skill set is so important to individuals and teams. We will unpack what it is, why it matters, the business and health and wellness case, 4 quadrant model, and 26 competencies. As you go through this module, you will get a deeper understanding and confidence into why this subject is so sought-after and makes it easier to get long-term clients.

SEIP® Assessment Tools

Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile SEIP®

In this module, we will unpack the Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment Profile used for individual self-assessment and 360 feedback. You will see how what it measures, how reliable it is and how it compares to other tools on the market. You will then take your own self assessment and create your own SEIP® report and learn how to administer it with your existing and new clients.

Self Awareness

Increasing Self Awareness and Personal Power

In this module, we will look at the first quadrant of Social and Emotional Intelligence; SELF AWARENESS. We will look at what it is, why it matters before we get into building each competency. Using your SEIP® results as a development tool, you will then complete practical exercises to develop the 3 competencies in this area.

Self Management

Developing Self Management Strategies

In this module, we will look at the second quadrant of Social and Emotional Intelligence; SELF MANAGEMENT. We will look at what it is, why it matters before we get into building each of the 10 competencies, including Behavioural Self Control, Resilience, and Stress Management, using more of the 75 practical exercises your are supplied with when you enrol.

Social Awareness

Developing Social Awareness Competencies

In this module, you shift gears to look at the third quadrant of Social and Emotional Intelligence; SOCIAL AWARENESS. This is the quadrant that empowers you to understand others more, building greater empathy, situational awareness and service orientation.

Relationship Management

Development Relationship Management Skills

In this module we will look at the fourth quadrant of Social and Emotional Intelligence; RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. We will look at what it is and then start building the 10 competencies like communication, interpersonal effectiveness, inspirational leadership, building trust and conflict management.

Group training and coaching emotional intelligence

Facilitating Group Training and Coaching

In this module, you will learn how you can make the shift from 1 to 1, working with individuals, to a more leveraged model, training and coaching groups in organisations using the SEIP® assessment tools and your 75 training and coaching exercises.

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Filling Your Practice with Clients

In this module, you learn how to market your new SEI Coaching Practice. We will look at the proven strategies that many of our graduates have used to become the sought-after Social and Emotional Intelligence trainers and coaches across the globe.

At the completion of this module, we will celebrate your success and organise for your certificate to be sent to you. You will be an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED Trainer and Coach in Social and Emotional Intelligence!

Choose Your Enrolment Option To Get Started
Sherren Edkins

Sherren Edkins

"I can say it was one of the best investments I have ever made for not only my personal development but also for my professional development."

"I enrolled in the Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification Course with People Builders Institute. The course enabled me to personally reflect, and go on a journey of learning. This experience expanded my thinking for my own business development and where I can truly help others. Grant is a natural facilitator and coach. He challenged me, enticing me to step outside my comfort zone, with some great insight and learning from it. His wealth of knowledge is something that others should tap into and experience for themselves. The course is definitely excellent value for money with amazing benefits for yourself and others."

Here are the most frequently asked questions people ask before enrolment...

The Program is approved by the International Coach Federation.

*You can receive 12 CCE Units towards ICF re-certification by completing the online modules and attending 4 hours of BONUS training in any of our live certification courses.

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Trevor Coltham

Trevor Coltham

“I completed the SEIP Coach Certification Training Program with People Builders Institute. I love the emotional intelligence framework and evaluation tools. It provided me a great structure to mold my existing training material around and tools to develop loads more. I appreciated the incremental learning/action/accountability approach Grant took which helped me implement with clients straight away.”


Now That You are Ready to Get Started, Choose the Enrollment Plan that Suits Your Individual Needs

We know that people come to us at different stages in their journey. So you can confidently enrol today and enjoy all the benefits of being certified even faster, we have created a couple of options for you to choose from. Once you have chosen one of them, click on the button and complete your enrolment. It's that simple! 


6 Monthly Instalments of $497 AUD

What you receive when you enrol today with this option:

  • Lifetime Access to all online training modules so you can review them whenever you need to without paying any ongoing fees
  • A comprehensive toolkit including 75 training and coaching exercises and marketing materials so you can get started from Day 1
  • A DFY PowerPoint presentation you can customise and use for marketing, lunch talks, webinars, or in training programs and workshops so you don't have to wait until you create your own
  • Lifetime certification to administer and debrief the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile [SEIP®] with your clients for greater credibility and greater client results
  • ISEI VIP Portal lifetime access and support so no technical issues get in your way
  • Listing in the ISEI Global Coaches Directory so you can be found by potential clients
  • *12 CCE Units from the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • International Certification issued by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence in Denver, Colorado.
  • BONUS 10 SEIP® profile credits to use with yourself and your clients (valued at $1000)


A ONE-TIME Investment of $2497 AUD

What you receive when you enrol today using this option:

  • Lifetime Access to all online training modules so you can return to them at any time to brush up and consolidate your learnings.
  • INSTANT ACCESS to a comprehensive toolkit including 75 training and coaching exercises and marketing materials
  • A DFY PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slide deck you can customise and use for marketing, lunch talks, webinars, or in training programs and workshops
  • Lifetime certification to administer and debrief the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile [SEIP®] with your current and future clients. (No recertification or yearly fees are required. This is a one-time investment)
  • ISEI VIP Portal access where you can administer your profiles, get hundreds of resources from their extensive library, and lifetime support from the ISEI team.
  • Listing in the ISEI Global Coaches Directory so you can be found by people looking for a coach
  • *12 CCE Units from the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • BONUS 10 SEIP® profile credits to use with yourself and your clients (valued at $1000)
  • EXTRA SAVER BONUS - A private, 1:1 online CLARITY coaching and mentoring session with your SEI Master Coach so you can get more clients faster (valued at $497)

* Subject to completing 4 hours of live online mentoring or monthly Coach Connect. 

** When choosing the instalment plan, your Full Certification will be issued after all payments are completed, however, you will still get access to all the tools and BONUS resources right away. This means you have every opportunity to earn your program investment back BEFORE you even finish the certification program.

Nicola Weber

Nicola Weber

“The SEI coach certification program I attended with People Builders was very engaging and inspirational. Grant has an ability to demystify SEI and inspire others to explore the depth of this topic to realise the benefits to becoming more Emotionally Intelligent in both life and career.”

Get Yourself Certified Now

Your Master Coach Trainer Is Not Only Highly Qualified, He Has Thousands of Hours of Experience in the Field as a Trainer and Coach.

Grant Herbert is an internationally recognised expert in the area of Social and Emotional Intelligence. He was trained and mentored by Dr. Laura Belsten, the founder of the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, and author of the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile SEIP®.

Grant is the Founder and Global Managing Partner of People Builders. People Builders Institute, and the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence Asia Pacific. He has trained and certified hundreds of coaches who are working in the field today, all around the world.

Grant has a vast experience in training and coaching the 26 competencies of SEI with many multi-national corporations in over 20 countries. He is a sought-after speaker at many global conferences for his Thought Leadership in this field. He has been awarded globally for his expertise in this field and is the current "Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year'.

If you still need some clarity as to whether you are a good fit for this program, book a call with Grant and he will answer all of your questions before enrolment.

Schedule a Pre-Enrolment Call with Grant
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