Join Successful Accredited Extended DISC Practitioners and Consultants Worldwide. 

Extended DISC Accreditation's provide you with access to a comprehensive and in-depth assessment suite. These assessments are used to support business development programmes globally. 

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Faster Results

Enrol and start learning now, instead of waiting for an externally scheduled course to start.

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Global Credibility

Set yourself apart from your peers by receiving an internationally recognised certification .

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Accredited Practitioner

Level 1

Become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Extended DISC Assessments. Spend a full day covering the background of the Extended DISC model of human behaviour. Explore the four main behavioural styles and combinations. Gain an understanding of how people are motivated, approach tasks, achieve goals, experience stress and how people prefer to communicate.


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Accredited Consultant

Level 2

Take your knowledge of Extended DISC to the next level with a broader application of DISC tools. Understand how to apply DISC in a workplace context to enhance business success. Learn how DISC is able to provide you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance. Explore unique team roles and communication dynamics at an interpersonal and organisational level.


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Your Master Coach Trainer.

Grant Herbert is an internationally recognised expert in the area of Human Behaviour. He is an experienced Master Trainer with Extended DISC® International.

Grant is the founder of People Builders has trained and certified hundreds of trainers, coaches and consultants who are working in the field today, all around the world.

Grant has a vast experience in training and coaching with many multi-national corporations in over 20 countries. He is a sought-after speaker at many global conferences for his leadership in this field.

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