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The Daily Leads Pipeline™

Get qualified LEADS every day that convert into CLIENTS every week!

The Daily Leads Pipeline Training Will Do 3 Things:

1. Entice more of your perfect fit prospects with content you already have.

2.  Show your future clients how to get a result faster by following your system.

3. Sign Clients Weekly by creating an open loop that leaves them begging for the whole program.

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in today's training, I’m going to talk to you about getting more leads that are the perfect fit for your program.  

I’m going to take you through a process called the Daily Leads Pipeline which is all about giving your best content away in little snippets so that you can demonstrate to your audience how you can solve their problems and do it in a way that it leaves them begging for more to work with your program.  

It's like what it's been for me a lot during this time of being at home or not traveling. It seems like the Amazon man just turns up every day, brings me some sort of a package, and I’m not quite sure sometimes what package it is or what else would I've ordered. And in most days, all the packages are for me.  

That's what you want to do when you are getting leads.  

You want them to come every day. You don't want them to just be sporadic and not getting any leads coming through. Therefore, the ones that come through you treat them like gold and perhaps do a little bit too much to pressure those people to become clients or whatever you might do.  

I want to show you how I help my Growth Accelerator coaches to get leads everyday so that they can then have conversations and create clients all the time.  

So, let's have a look like we always do at the elements of this and the mistakes that you want to avoid.  

Firstly, when you’re looking at getting leads and using your content to do that, you look at three different areas. The first thing you want to do is look at the content itself. 

By the way, this is all in the workbook. If you don't have the workbook, just click on the link below:



The second thing you want to do with that is look at the cadence or the rhythm with which you put out the content etcetera. Obviously, you want to make sure that it's all focused around getting clients.  

That's what leads need to turn into. So you don't want to put content out there all the time -you want leads that are to turn into clients when they're ready. 

 In terms of looking at the content then, what happens a lot (I certainly was doing this until I learned this from my coach) is that the content was all about information.  

So it was just a heap of information- something else to learn and park over and not use like all the other information that I had.  

But when you do this well, what you focus on is implementation. 

We do it in a way that your perfect-fit client gets a result - a fast win. They move the needle forward. That shows them that the stuff you do helps them to get the result that they want.  

When you look at the cadence.  

I know for me, this was a big issue.  I see a lot with coaches and trainers where their cadence for their content is sporadic.  

Whether it's on a Facebook page or group.  

Whether it's in LinkedIn. TikTok, or Instagram, or wherever they're doing it. Whether it's emailing it out to their clients, it's just sporadic like, “ I think I'll do that today.” 

And that's a big challenge what we want to do.  

What this process helps you to do is be consistent. So, we've actually got a situation where your clients and prospects, who are ready to hear from you right now, are looking forward to it. So, every week they know that you're going to drop some content and they're going to be able to get access to that.  

I've been using this process now for quite some time and I've got people who jump in on the content every single week. They opt in and grab it every single week.  

Some of those then become clients which is what you want to get them to do when it is the right time for them.  

In terms of clients and getting clients, a lot of times what the content does is it teaches them. It teaches them everything they want to know, and therefore they go, “that's fantastic. Thank you.” And they don't need to become your client.  

But what you want to do (look full disclosure) I’m doing that with you today. Right now, I'm doing exactly the same thing: 

You want to create tension. You want to create a positive tension that says, “Hey, I didn't get the whole picture. And to get the whole picture, I need to get some more.”  

All this work that I do in the group here, this is work that I do for my Growth Accelerator coaches who pay me to be in that program.  

Therefore, it would be unfair on them if I gave it all away to prospects for nothing.  

So, what you need to do is give enough so that it adds value and they can get a result but they don't get the whole picture. 

 By the way, this is all in the workbook. If you don't have the workbook, just click on the link below.  

Let's have a look at some principles around this daily leads pipeline so that you can have leads coming in just like the Amazon man popping in every day. 

The first thing is you want to make sure that we have rides every week. 

For years, what you must’ve been taught to do and what you’ve all done is you’ve had some sort of a lead magnet on your website or somewhere and hope that that lead magnet actually lands for what that person's looking for right now.  

What we're going to do today is we want to do that a little bit differently.  

Just like a rollercoaster goes around and then stops, new people get on and they go for a ride around and they throw their hands up in the air. Some people, stay on and go around for a second turn. That's what you want to do here. You want to make sure that just like the rollercoaster ride, people can jump on every single week that there's new content that they can access and therefore put their hand up and give you their name and email and get into your leads.  

You also want to cast your content. You want to give your content the you've already got in your program, your best content, the content that's going to give the results. And you want to make sure that you use the right content.  

It's just like going fly-fishing. By the way, full disclosure, I'm not really good at fishing. I find it challenging to catch a cod but at the end of the day, you're casting out your fly and it's going to be a particular type of fly for a particular type of fish to grab onto that.  

You can stand there all day doing this and if it's the wrong fly, you're going to get sore arms. But what you want to do is make sure that it is our best content, the right content, that's going to solve their problems right now.  

So that is the first two.  

What you want to do is you want to now shift their beliefs.  

You want to make sure that the first thing you do is take how they normally think. I'm talking about your perfect prospects, about a particular topic, about a particular situation, and you want to shift their beliefs. You also want to shift the beliefs that they have in themselves.  

By giving them quick wins through content, what that enables them to do is go, “you know what I could actually do this. I could join that Growth Accelerator with that crazy grant guy, and I could get the results that all these other coaches are getting.”  

You also want to shift a belief in you that you're not someone that's there to sell them something but you’re somebody that can actually get the result that they want.  

The next thing is you want to use your “no how.” 

I’ve played on words there and for the grammatically correct, I've spelled it all wrong. But what I really mean here is that you want to give them one piece of a big picture.  

You want to show them why things are so important and what the content of that is, and little bit of particular step to getting that done and not give them everything on how to do it. 

Because otherwise you don't create any tension.  

It's like having a big a box of a jigsaw puzzle- you want to make sure that there's missing pieces and that they've got to come to you to get the whole picture.  

(By the way, you know, I take my hat off to the people who can invest that much energy into putting something together and apparently you do the edges first and then fill it in. For me, I like waiting until the picture's nearly full and then I'll jump in and popping the last few pieces) 

Lastly, you want to make sure that in doing this that you be the talent. You want to be able to create this in a way that it's logistically easy for you to do. Now, if you have a team or you don't have a team, then obviously there's some differences there, because it could be just you right now and you could be doing everything.  

But for me, what I'm able to do and help others to do, is get to the point where all you need to do is do what I'm doing right now: Jump on, do a live, turn it into a video, etcetera.  

You want to make sure that it's not about something that you got to think to do. Posting content can sometimes be laborious and it doesn't seem to get a result.  

You want to be able to automate it so it's a machine where  it does it every single week so that you can shovel it in.  

In Facebook,  you can schedule the posts and all those sorts of things so it does it automatically.  

There are some key principles that you need to understand so that you can get this done.  

Let me just take you through the workbook, by the way, if you don't have the workbook, you can click on the link below to download:




So what this is all about is having a series of posts that have a particular theme going out on a regular basis whether this is with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever social media you  use.  

What I want you to do is think about this as a high-level. By the way, when you get this working and you're testing and tweaking it, you then upgrade and go to more than one medium. You can have it going out on all those. It doesn't really matter. It's wherever you're going to get the most people get eyes on it. So it's about having it done in a cadence and a sequence that takes them from where they are in their thinking and their beliefs through to going: 

“Hey, I need to watch the training.”  

Let me take you through it.  

The first thing you want to do is have this cadence. I'm quickly show you: 

Monday - It’s all about shifting beliefs. So, the post is around shifting their thinking.  

Tuesday is all about getting people to go “yes”, raising their hands. “Yes. Me, I'll have that.” 

Wednesday is about showing proof. It's about giving them some proof through case studies, etcetera that what you're talking about actually works. That people who work with you actually get a result.  

Thursday is about going live in the group. And guess what? It's Thursday right now. I'm live in the group and I’m a training around the topic. 

Fridays is all about inviting some sort of action. Whether it's around the training you're doing that week or taking the next step with you.   

Saturday, I like to take a rest day from it and give the prospects of rest day. However, you can also throw in a personal post on that day that something around them knowing a little bit more about you. 

Sunday is all about offering them a replay. 

So let’s take a quick recap: 

So Monday, you’ve put a post that shifts belief. 

Tuesday, you say: “Hey, I've got this thing, this PDF, this workbook, or whatever… that can do this, who wants a copy?” Then, people put their hands up.  

Wednesday is around building a little bit more belief through proof. 

 Thursday is live in  the group and do the training. So, people are coming along and doing the training. Then this video goes on the landing page where the workbook download was and it's there. So, you can use this more than once. 

Friday is call to action.  

Then on Sunday you go, “Hey, if you missed it, there's a replay.” It’s giving people an opportunity to go through that whole process with you. 

In the workbook you can see I have given you some templates and even some examples of of what you can do.  

For example, on the Friday post:

“Who hasn't got a copy of the Authority Amplifier training workbook yet?”  

So, it's a simple call to action there for them to go me. 

Another one could be: 

“I’m looking for five transformational coaches who want to 10X their credibility in the next 90 days. Is that you? "

So it might not be about the particular training that I'm doing right now, but it is about in that case, the Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification. 

“I'm running a program next month to help coaches launch their online program so it sells like hotcakes. Are you interested?”  

So that's around, in my case, The Online Program Launchpad which is being launched next month. So, it depends where you're at, what you've got going— it’s basically getting a hand up.  

Then Sunday, the whole sequence of putting together the post for that.  

In the workbook,  I’ve also have given you some examples. Now it's all about setting it up. It's putting it into your system.  

I use Kajabi. And if you want to know about that, just ask me.  

But putting together a landing page, or as I said, it's about, in this case, the video’s there now, but on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, it wasn't there. It then appeared there on Friday afternoon, and it's now there. You can still, download that right now. 

Then taking them to a thank you page that allows them to take the next step with you. 

So, that's the whole process.  

I'd love to hear what your insights are. I'd love to know how you're going to implement that. Just think about the impact that this could make with you actually having leads coming in that are super interested in what it is that you do every single day.  

What sort of an impact is that going to have on your practice? On the ability to get clients? 

That's the training for this week. If you're watching this in the group, love some insights and comments down below. If you are watching this on my page, just hit reply on one of the emails and ask me any questions or get some insights, start a messenger conversation, and we can go from there.  

Get qualified LEADS every day that convert into CLIENTS every week!

The Daily Leads Pipeline Training Will Do 3 Things:

1. Entice more of your perfect fit prospects with content you already have.

2.  Show your future clients how to get a result faster by following your system.

3. Sign Clients Weekly by creating an open loop that leaves them begging for the whole program.

Download your workbook here:

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