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The Expert Authority Builder™

Gain massive CREDIBILITY in your market to STAND OUT above the noise so you ATTRACT more high-paying clients. 

The Expert Authority Builder Training Will Help You Do 3 Things:

1.Get buyer attention by eliminating your message confusion so they stop their scroll and listen.

2. Gain unique authority by demonstrating your mastery so they elevate you above the alternatives.

3. Separate your tribe by building an unstoppable movement of followers who go from being spectators to lifelong members.

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Today's training is all about the Expert Authority Builder. This is all about being able to gain massive credibility so that you can get higher paying clients-- clients that will want to work with you for a longer period of time. 

To do that by going above all the other noise that's out there in the coaching world, is like the difference between a general practitioner and a brain surgeon.

If I'm going to have someone that's going to be working on my brain, I want that to be the top person in that field. I want that to be someone who is actually specializing in that particular part of the body and those particular illnesses and challenges that I want them to fix.

I don't want a GP cutting into my brain. Therefore, the surgeon is going to have a waiting list for people to work with them. They’re going to charge more. They're going to have more of an authority in that area.

By the way, there's a workbook as there always is for today's training. You can download the workbook here to get even deeper value from what you’re doing today:



Let’s have a look once again at what it is that we're talking about here, breaking it apart, and putting it into the right context. So what we're talking here about is your expert authority.

By the way, if you have a challenge with the word “expert”, then there's some work that you could possibly do, in that area.

You may not have gone through my roadblock eliminator as yet. So if that's the case, let me know and I'll get it to you.

You are an expert and you have things from your experience that can help people. So let's just agree on that before we move forward.

So, it's about your expert authority.

Now, there are three areas that you want to look at when you’re building this authority so that you can be seen as the go-to person for what it is that you're doing.

The first thing you want to make sure that you get right is your message. Now that's the way you put yourself out there to the world. That's what they know about you. That's what you stand for. 

The second area is the area of mastery. What is it that people know about you that they know that you’re the number one? Or when you’re one of the top people in that field you’re the one that they would go to because you’ve got those extra skills and competencies that others that do a similar thing to you, don't have.

The third area is all about creating a movement.

The greatest way to get expert authority is to build that around a cause to create a movement.

Let’s have a look at the challenges and what to do instead when you are building these three areas.

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The first thing I would like to talk to you about is your message. So when you’re looking at the message, what I did and what I see in a lot of coaches, trainers, and consultants is their message is very vague. For example, their message is all around coaching or helping both of which are vague and wide.

What you want to do to build authority is shift that and have a message that is a lot more focused. It’s like (as I said earlier) the message of the brain surgeon; it's all focused around the anatomy of the brain and the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, etcetera. So it's focused in on that one area.

You’ve heard the word “niche” many times.

A lot of times people will be totally worried about the niche being around a market.

But for me, if there's something that I learned years ago, that really helped me around this is with one of my mentors, Matt church. He taught me that “message trumps market.” And it definitely trumps your method or your mode of delivery.

So we're going to get more focused.

Let’s now have a look at mastery. In the area of mastery and we're going to get into whether it's 10,000 hours and all those sorts of things here. But mastery is actually at the more elite level. It's the higher level.

When I first started off in coaching, I didn't have an area of mastery, but now, I do. 

I can add confidently say that I can add a lot more value in that area than people who are just dabbling in it.

So, the challenge here is remaining common. So, we've got mastery as a coach in terms of running a coaching session and those skills that come in coaching. However, what you want to do to build authority is you want to become a lot more unique so that when people think about a specific problem, they think about you.

When people think about hiring a coach, trainer or consultant -- whatever it is that you're doing-- they align you with that. Because not only is it a lot more focused, it's also the way that you're doing that as well.

If you look at the brain surgeon, there are different ways that you can actually approach different things that they do. Being known for your mastery in a unique way is going to give you more authority.

The third area now (talking about movement) is what you do a lot of times is we create a movement of spectators: People that are happy to watch from the outside, they sort of like what it is you're talking about, but then never do anything. But that's not what you’re here to do. You’re here to grow a coaching practice.

So you want to shift them so that they become members.

So it goes beyond a movement of people that just like hanging around you, give you likes and comments to people who get involved and take what you are teaching to the next level and they get in your program and they allow you to take them on that transformational journey.

What I want to do now is just unpack some key principles that you need to understand around this. Then I'll take you through the workbook. 

If you haven't got the workbook yet, you can download it by clicking on the link below: 



In terms of expert positioning, in terms of you becoming that authority in your area, these are five things that I want you to consider:

The first thing that you've got to be able to do is stand out.

I don't know if you've noticed -- I certainly have, there are a lot of people out there that do what we do. They do various (obviously different)  methodologies and things that they do, but there's a lot of coaches and trainers out there. So, instead of being hidden in all that noise, we've got to find a way to stand out.  I'm going to show you ways that you can do that. Particularly, as I said, is great to be done around a message and about a movement.

So, we've got to stand out.

The second thing is Solve Now Problems. This is so important, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. We’ve been in this pandemic for a couple of years, and there are specific problems right now that you need to help people to solve.

When you have that area of mastery, what you want to be able to do then is go even deeper and go, “okay, so what are the actual problems that need to be solved right now?”

So me, for example, being a Social and Emotional Intelligence master coach trainer there are not enough coaches out there who are skilled and have mastered the discipline of emotional intelligence coaching and there's a lot of need for that right now. There are  a lot of people out there that are not navigating this landscape very well emotionally. And there are a lot of anxious people. There are a lot of people who are fearful. There are a lot of people who are finding it difficult in isolation, etcetera.

So, the work that I'm doing right now is solving “now problems.” So it's not just a good to have, it's a must have. 

Then the next thing that we want to look at in terms of this is we want to serve a cause. In the world right now, there are particular things going on.

If  your expert authority is aligned with a cause, people take notice.

Right now I am on a quest to increase the number and quality of Social and Emotional Intelligence coaches around the world. So that this whole disconnected world that we're living in right now; that has all these fears and  anxieties, and has  a different landscape, I'm on the bandwagon of doing that. I'm there in a leadership role serving that particular cause.

The next thing you want to do is become a subject matter authority.

If I look at the area that I work in, there are a lot of coaches that have done a little bit of a module or the words where somewhere in there of Emotional Intelligence. Yet, what I've done is invested the last 12 years in finding out what I didn't know, going deeper, and becoming an authority; where now, for the last three years, I've been named the Emotional Intelligence speaker and trainer of the year. That's because I have spoken on that topic. I have researched that topic.  I've changed views and shifted the neuroscience as we learn different things. So I've become an authority in that area.

So, what is it for you? What area are you a subject authority on? 

If people were to Google you or talk to others about you, who would recommend you and go: “Hey, you need to talk to this person.”

So this is really important now.

By the way, this takes a period of time, but it starts the moment you make a decision to start building that authority. We also (which goes along with that) need to speak it out consistently. We need to be able to get in front of people -- whether it's doing a Facebook live, whether you're speaking on a stage, whether you're speaking in groups etc.--  we need to propagate that message. We need to speak it out so that people can actually hear you. So that it's not just something that you know, and nobody else knows that you know.

So there are some key principles that we need to understand before we're able to actually build that authority.

What I want to do now is take you through the workbook, give you a look at how to use this so that you can get more value out of it. Therefore, you can start building that authority.

If you haven't got the workbook yet, you can download it by clicking on the link below: 



The first thing I've given you here is what I call the global stage opportunity. This is where I work with coaches to help them to go, “okay, if you had 15 minutes right now and you’re given a change to speak just once in your life  to every single person on this planet (about 7 billion of them), what’s the message that you would like to leave them with?

I know when I first do this in our Growth Accelerator and coaches are going through this process, they start off talking about what they do as a coach and it's fair. Then, as we brainstorm and  go deeper on this, they realize that that's not really their message. We're talking about your higher purpose message here.

What is it that you would like to leave them?

This is a fantastic exercise that you can do to really work out what it is that you stand for. So, you break it down to what's the cause, the cost of that challenge within that cause, and what's the call for you there to work in that?

So you can get really clear using this Global Stage Opportunity to work out what do you want to stand for and what do you want the world to see you as? What do you want to base your message on? So that's the first thing.

The second thing is being able to actually get a message together.

This is some of the most fun I get to have in the Growth Accelerator--  helping the trainers and coaches that I'm working with to get clear using the magnetic message formula.

It’s got four elements:

  1. Who is it that you help?
  2. What's the result that you give them?
  3. What are they frustrated about in terms of trying to get that result?
  4. What are they are aspiring to and where do they want to go? 

You end up with an “I help” statement there.

So that's the second thing is to get clear on that.

This is why you need to understand what your overall mastery area --  your messages-- is so that you can draw that from here and go, “okay, so this is my higher purpose message, but how can I extract something from that that I can commercialize?” 

Because (I say unapologetically) that you’re here to help coaches to have a greater influence in the world, to make more income so they can keep the message going, and to make a huge impact in the world as well. So to do that, you've got to be able to have a message that people understand and that they're drawn to.

The third area in the workbook is the Credibility Booster Planet. This is all about where the rubber meets the road in terms of where you are. So, we can see that there are three elements there:

  1. There’s training.
  2. There’s your Experience.
  3. There’s the application of that.

So, what is it right now that you've been trained in?

If we look at in terms of your coaching and training, what it is that you're doing or what have you been trained in? You could be a brand new coach and you've been trained to coach, and you've done initial coach training for example. You may have other training in a more workplace oriented training, whatever it is. So, it's being able to list that down.

The next area is to have a look at your experience.

So training itself is of no value (in my opinion.) It's only in the implementation of that training, that you actually are able to get any value from it and bring value to others.

So, what is the experience that you have in using that training? And what is your life experience that you have that you've used that training to overcome?

Then, looking at it all, how do I apply that?

How do I use that in my practice?

How do I use that to bring the results that I say in my message that I want to bring?

So that's all about now.

But what we want to get to here, because I believe, and I'm very much a proponent of being a lifelong learner and because I believe you're either green and growing, or you're ripe and rotting. So, I continually learn. Even though I've got credentials and  experience 

This morning, I was on a program with the neuroscientist from our academy who is helping me to learn even more about applied neuroscience, about how it affects the understanding of emotions and Emotional Intelligence, etcetera.

So just like me, what is the next training for you?

It could be, if you have an interest in Social and Emotional Intelligence, it could be doing the Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification. It could be some other extension program to lift the level of expertise.

Then, the experience side of things, what are you looking to be involved in, to experience,  and step-out in so that you can build that level of understanding of mastery, etcetera. How is that? Then, what's the overall goal for that?

What's the aspiration? 

How are you going to apply that in your practice?

So, the last element that I want to talk to you about here is around your movement.

This is the movement leader game plan. Yes, you are the leader of your movement. If that is something that's a bit scary to you right now, then you can grow into that.

But I had to realize --  going back, just a few years ago, when I was traveling the world, I was speaking on stages everywhere,  I was being seen as someone who was in a leadership role in the particular area of Social and Emotional Intelligence -- I had to step into that. I had to go: “You know what, Grant? That's okay.”

By the way the imposter syndrome, I believe,  is a good thing.  Because if you are challenged by being feeling like a bit of an imposter, it helps you to go back and go: “what do I still need to learn?” “What do I still need to do?”

 Anyway, you are the leader of your movement. So what I want to talk to you about here is:

What's the purpose of your movement?

These are the people that are going to follow you. Not just follow you and give you likes, but these are the people that are going to work with you. They're going to get into your programs.

They're going to allow you to take them on a journey of transformation. 

Who are the players in your movement?

Is it all just you? Or are there other key players in your movement? Then, getting to:

What's the process?

How do you run that movement?

How do you get people involved?

Is it a Facebook group?

Is it something different?

How do people get involved?  

How do people go and follow that movement, etcetera?

So, having a clear plan rather than just doing what I used to do, and that is just jump in Facebook,  create a Facebook group, and then ask people to come. 

So for me, I have a movement, and I do actually run this in a Facebook group.

This one right now.

It is called the Emotional Intelligence Coach Community.

So, it's a movement of coaches, trainers, practitioners that are either involved in or would like to learn and become involved in the area of mastery around Social and Emotional Intelligence. It separates everything from the noise of all the other things that are going on out there. So that is the movement.

The players are me and you, and there are various people that I'm going to be bringing in as well- who can add value because they have a different perspective and can help on that.

As it says there in the workbook:

What are your stretch goals for that community for the next 12-months?

That’s all about having a plan and purposefully building a movement. You then, get a movement of members not a movement of spectators but  people that are happy to sit in the grand stands, they get in and they actually become a player.

So, I'd love to know what your insights are out of today. If you're watching this in my website, or anywhere else, you can just hit reply to any of the emails.

What is the insight for you? 

What do you already know you need to shift? 

What are the changes that you need to make right now based on what you've learnt from this training?

Then, more importantly, how are you going to apply that?

Beyond just doing the worksheet, what are you going to do?

I want you to think about the impact that that's going to have on you and your coaching practice.

So today was all about building expert authority. Obviously, in the short period of time we've got together, I've given you an overview.

I'd really love you to go deeper, to do the exercises.

If you want to know more about how you can work more closely with me in the Growth Accelerator to help you with these things, then please, just hit reply on an email or comment below, and we will come back to you.

So that's the training for this week 

I look forward to continuing to work with you, as we work together to build our authority.

Gain massive CREDIBILITY in your market to STAND OUT above the noise so you ATTRACT more high-paying clients. 

The Expert Authority Builder Training Will Do 3 Things:

  1. Get BUYER Attention. Eliminating your message confusion so they stop their scroll and listen.
  2. Gain Unique AUTHORITY. Demonstrating your mastery so they elevate you above the alternatives.
  3. Separate Your TRIBE. Building an unstoppable movement of followers who go from being spectators to lifelong members.

Download your workbook here:

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