Gain International Credibility Through Emotional Intelligence

Gain International Credibility Through Emotional Intelligence

Far too many great coaches are invisible, have a very inconsistent income, and end up struggling in debt. Over 80% of coaches have to return to a job and never make the impact in the world that they set out to make.

These all too familiar statistics have lead me to restructure what I do and invest most of my bandwidth in training and mentoring coaches to stay at the top end of the 20% that get to keep going in their coaching practice.

Through many years of running my own coaching practice, and working with coaches and trainers from all around the world, there is one thing I am very certain of, and I want to share it with you in this article today.

You can turn that all around by getting yourself involved in the fastest-growing and most in-demand form of personal and professional development in the world today.

Instead of being invisible, you can be seen out in front like the celebrity who walks the red carpet. People all around the world will know your name and admire you for what you do.

No need to have more months with little or no income, you can become irresistible to your chosen target market, and people will seek you out instead of you chasing them with organic social media or networking.

Pay off your debts, and increase your personal wealth, by becoming the go-to coach in your market. Engage clients by application only and have people on a waiting list to work with you. You get to choose clients that are a great fit for you and most importantly, make a huge difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Sound too good to be true? Well, I am living proof that it’s all very achievable by following some simple yet powerful strategies that I want to give you below. The coaches that have come to me for help and have implemented these same strategies have all increased their influence, income, and impact.


As we said, most coaches and trainers are hidden and competing with so many other coaches doing the same thing as them in a crowded market. This first strategy will help you stand out like the top 5% and there are 3 reasons these coaches get to that level.

  • Confidence - a successful coach is confident in themselves and this starts with you building your own identity and personal power.
  • Clarity - they know their true purpose and are able to take this and create a magnetic message that the right people are drawn to.
  • Credibility - they have invested in themselves through certification and have case studies and client testimonials.


Instead of selling coaching and training, you shift to solving their most pressing problems for them in a way that sets you up as the go-to expert in your field. Not just any problems and in any way, you need to tap into their world and focus on these 3 key things.

  • Relevant - solve today’s problems with the latest methodologies.
  • Real Time - work with them on what they need most right now.
  • Results - use training, tools, and coaching so they get what they want.


People need to know, like, and trust you before they buy into you or what you are offering. Selling is all about serving your potential clients in these 3 ways.

  • Vision - be a part of something bigger than yourself. Have a mindset that says it’s not about getting the next client but it’s about making a difference on a huge scale.
  • Vulnerability - be relatable through your story so they can see that you are someone who understands at least some of their problems and know how to overcome them. Being real is the best way to win people’s trust.
  • Value - give truckloads of value before, during, and after they work with you. Give away your best stuff and then ask them to pay for the implementation process.


If you are going to let someone play with your brain you want them to be a specialist surgeon right. That’s the same expectation that your clients have when they hire a coach. Being a subject matter authority will set you apart from all the generalist coaches out there and there are 3 key ways to do this.

  • Information - this is the what, the when, the who, and the how.
  • Inspiration - this is where the why comes in and entices them to implement.
  • Insight - cutting through the maze and helping them fast track through your experience.


One of the greatest skills for a successful coach to develop is the ability to influence individuals and groups through speaking. Here is how I got to the point of being named the Emotional Intelligence Speaker and trainer of the Year for the past 2 years.

  • Contribute - be a leading voice for the cause you represent.
  • Conferences - get in front of as many people as possible.
  • Clients - speak to see as well as speaking for your clients.

So now that you know the 5 key strategies I used to build international credibility as a speaker, trainer, and coach, let’s jump into the specifics of what I did to get there and what you can do to have the same results yourself.

There are 3 parts to the process that will help you go from invisible to in-demand by increasing your value in the eyes of your potential clients.

  • Credibility by Proximity - going to Harvard Law School does not make you a better lawyer but it does make you more attractive to the market. You can do the same thing by aligning yourself with the right people in the field of coaching and training.
  • A Ready Made Tool Kit - having a toolbox full of tools helps you produce faster results with your clients. A builder who just has a hammer cannot build your dream home just like a coach having that one skill alone cannot become the go-to problem solver in their market.
  • Specialist Certification - become a subject matter expert and specialist coach by becoming certified in the fastest-growing and most in-demand form of personal and professional development today; Social and Emotional Intelligence.

By becoming a social and emotional intelligence coach and trainer, you can set yourself apart from all the other coaches out there and increase your credibility globally. The world really needs more social and emotional intelligence coaches right now, and you can become one of them. You just need to make a decision and get certified.

So, how do you get started?

At People Builders Institute, we offer online and blended training, certification, and mentoring for those people who are considering becoming a Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach.

Whether this is something that you would like to do internally in your workplace or as a self-employed coaching practice owner, we can help you to get certified.

To find out how you can join the movement of social and emotional trainers and coaches around the world, check out our self-paced and blended-delivery programs, or reach out to me and schedule a call so I can answer your questions and help you start your journey as a social and emotional intelligence coach.


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