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Gain massive CREDIBILITY as an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE subject matter expert to consistently ENGAGE higher-paying, longer-term CLIENTS. 

The EI Practice Advantage Training Will Help YOU Do 3 Things:

1. Entice more prospects by shining the spotlight on yourself so you stand out in your marketplace.

2. Enlist more members to create a consistent flow of income as an in-demand coach and trainer.

3. Equip your clients to empower them to make lasting change with your ready-made tool kit.

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In this week's training, we're looking at the EI practice advantage.

This is about having the benefit of running an Emotional Intelligence coaching practice. It's all about gaining massive credibility as an Emotional Intelligence subject matter expert in a way that will help you get more leads that end up being long-term higher-paying clients. It's certainly something that I've been able to do over the last 10 years now to set myself apart from all the other noise that's going on out there in the world of coaching.

We want to have a look at a worksheet that I've given you. By the way, if you don't have the worksheet, you can download it by clicking the link below:

I want to unpack what this advantage is all about. Right.

You are in the middle of your EI (Emotional Intelligence) practice. You need to have three things whenever you want to develop a practice of any type. It’s important to look at this to see how this actually fits into the context of what you are talking about. So the three things that you want to do is:

1. You want to Entice People.

You want them to be interested in what it is that you’re talking about — whether this be marketing or whether you’re speaking — whatever you’re doing, you need to be able to entice them and get people interested. I know a lot of coaches out there that know a lot of things, and the challenge is it's more exciting to them than it is to anybody else. So they find it challenging to translate into the leads, etcetera.

2. You want to Enlist People.

A practice is not a practice unless it's got clients in it. So you want to actually enlist people to come on the journey with you. I'm going to show you how using Emotional Intelligence can make that a lot more simple and more rewarding for you.

3. You need to Equip our clients.

I believe this is the most important thing that you need to do. When you have clients in your programs, you need to equip them to make that change from where they are to where they want to go.

So those are the three areas that you want to focus on.

You want to entice people.

You want to enlist them.

Then, you want to be able to equip them.

I'm going to show you some of the challenges that I see with the coaching and training industry, where people are trying to do these things without what I'm talking about today.

When you talk about enticing, I see many coaches out there with absolutely brilliant ideas, skills, and a desire to help the best-kept secret. No one knows about them. They're constantly posting organically on social media and doing what they're doing, but they're not getting a reward for their efforts. So, the EI practice advantage is going to help you stand out.

By the way, if you don't have the worksheet, you can download it by clicking the link below:

There are two areas that I want you to work on to do that.

The first area is confidence. Confidence is two ways. So, it’s the confidence that the coach has in themselves and the confidence that the market has that they can solve their problems.

The second area is credibility. The credibility that says: “This person is different. They've got something that's going to help me. They're going to be able to take me where it is that I want to go.”

Working out how you entice people so that you stand out requires confidence and credibility.

So, if you switch gears now and look at enlisting, one of the challenges most coaches encounter is that their enlisting is inconsistent. This was certainly my challenge before I took on this Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training practice that I run now.

So it’s Adhoc. Now and then, I get a new client. I'm always looking for that next year's client.

And becomes a challenge because you're not making enough income. Therefore, you're not able to get the message out. The EI practice advantage allows you to go from inconsistent to in-demand.

It’s like when a new iPhone comes out (if you're an Android user, just go with the metaphor), I can't understand why (even though I’m an Apple user) people line up—  and even sleep there sometimes so that they're the first to get it. That's what demand is all about. Having a practice that allows you to have a waiting list to have people want to work with will set you apart regarding how many people you enlist and your income.

The two things that we want to talk about in the area of Enlist:

1. Objections. For their reasons, people have objections as to why they don't think your program is right for them or whether you are right for them.

2.Offer (this is a big one). A well-crafted offer — the irresistible offer as I call it — actually handles most of the objections before they even have them. So, the EI Practice Advantage helps you overcome objections and have an offer that is irresistible and attractive.

Now let’s look at the area of Equip. In this area, it’s all about helping our clients to make a change. Often, that change becomes limited, and so does the length of the engagement. This is because the tools and methodologies are limited for the new coach.

We want to do with EI Practice Advantage to go from limited to lasting. To do that, you need to make sure that you have a practice where you can keep people with you for longer. 

By the way, if any of this is stuff that you're doing right now, I'm not having a go at you about it. I'm just helping you to understand another way that you could think about. 

I still see a lot of coaches that have six sessions. My challenge with that is that it took that particular person a certain amount of years to that point to get where they're at.

Six sessions for me (even though I know that's not what you're thinking) is sort of like a little band-aid fix. But what I want to do, and I've been able to do with EI Practice Advantage, is take people on a journey for 1,2, 3 years so that they get longer incremental change.

To do that, there are a couple of areas that you want to look at.

Firstly, it's about having tools.

Have tools that you can use to help your client get results faster and tools they can continue to use even when they're not with you.

Second is the times. I’ve already talked about this a little bit. It’s all about making sure that the length of time that you have with them is proportionate to the change they want to make. 

I believe there are two things that we need to have for a great coaching relationship and what it provides. That is support and accountability. 

Using support and accountability with the right tools over the right timeline means that people can make massive change.

So, that’s a bit of an overview of the EI Practice Advantage.

I want to take you through some key principles and ideas that you need to understand so that you can get that advantage.

Let's have a look at them now.

The EI Practice Advantage is all about going:

“Okay, all of these other coaches are going down here. I am going to set myself apart. I'm going to stand out, right And I'm going to propel my practice using Social and Emotional Intelligence.”

The first thing is all about becoming a subject matter authority. 

In this case, what I’ve chosen to do — and what I help coaches and trainers do — is become a subject matter authority in Social and Emotional Intelligence so that they can have a particular area of expertise.

This is not a mode of delivery or a method. It’s not like NLP or anything like that.

This is an authority in a subject matter so that when you speak, people actually understand what you are talking about.

Unfortunately, a lot of coaching programs talk about Emotional Intelligence. And indeed, I've seen some of the literature, and they even talk about it incorrectly. It's a little bit like neuroscience. There's a little bit of smattering here and there,  but it's not accurate. 

What I'm talking about here is going to that next level and being a subject matter authority. There are 13 Emotional Intelligence competencies and 13 social intelligence competencies with the work that I do.

There are 26 all-in-all. But it can reach 30 if you the four quadrants that I work in. And 31 if you look at the overall topic. So there’s never a time to run out of things to talk or write about.

The second one is all about solving “now problems”.

One of the things that help you stand out and help you not only to entice but to enlist them is when you are solving the problems of the right now. If you look at the world right now, there is a lot of emotional unrest, anxiety, and people who feel certain things that they would rather not feel. There are many people finding it difficult to navigate pandemics, wars and all the things that are going on.

So, what I want to say to you right now is this:

There is never a better time for me to do what I'm doing here to help you get involved because we need more Social and Emotional Intelligence coaches in the world right now.

I can't do it all.

The coaches I've worked with and helped can't do it all. 

We need more people.

So we're solving now problems. And that's really important for people when investing in a coach.

The next thing that I want to talk about to you is credibility by proximity.

Here's the thing (I’m using Harvard as an example) :

Going to Harvard law school doesn't make you a better lawyer but it creates a perception that you are.

Doing a course that Harvard backed means implied credibility that you carry.

So credibility by proximity is really important when building that trust with your market.

By the way, I did not get trained Emotional Intelligence at Harvard. I’m just using this as an example for you to understand.

What I did is I got trained and certified, and I'm now a master coach trainer for an organisation that has credibility. Therefore, my credibility is enhanced by being in that proximity.

The coaches who I work with and help to do what I do, have that same proximity and get some inferred, applied credibility by working and having been working with me. For the past three years,

I've been named the Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the year for the past three years. I tell you that not to impress you but to let you know that that is the credibility that came from the work that I've been doing.

So now, not only do I still have the opportunity to keep working with that credibility, those who work with me, have the same.

The next thing I’ll to you about is tools. So, make sure that you've got a ready-made toolkit.

I see so many great trainers and coaches out there that don't have any content. They don't have the tools. They only have one tool, and that is their coaching.

Although those are extremely powerful, they know that they want to have their own tools, worksheets, slides, and all those things that they do that they know they want to use but they don’t have the energy, time or the skill in some places to be able to do that.

So having a ready-made toolkit is really important. That certainly helped me because I hit the ground running from day one. When I first got certified as a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach. I remember, one of the tools that I now give that was given to me was a PowerPoint presentation.

I started my program on a Friday. Then, the following Tuesday, I presented just using that. I still didn't know everything, but I presented it to a particular organisation.

As a result, I booked tens of thousands of dollars worth of work in my first week.

Now, I'm not saying that happens for everyone. I want you to just understand the power of me not having to wait until I could get those things together, myself.

The second point around that is to structure your learning in a way that you can continue to be learning whilst you are earning. Just like I did, what I'm able to do now is set things up for coaches and trainers who work with me so that they can earn an income while they’re learning.

I always remember a beautiful client of mine by the name of Paula. She was doing the program that I'm going to talk in a moment. We were halfway through this eight-week program. Since she was an action taker, she went out there and started working. She did not wait until everything was done! As a result, she had three new clients and booked in over $10,000 worth of new work before she’d even finished the program.

So, there's an opportunity to earn while you learn. By the way, these notes are all here. If you haven't got a copy of them yet, you can download them by clicking on the link below:

Before we end, I want to talk to you very quickly about an opportunity for anyone who wants to find out about being in a certification program to become a Social and Emotional Intelligence certified coach and trainer just like I have been.

This is so you will be able to take that EI Practice Advantage, go out,  and get way more benefit in terms of the ability to entice people, enlist them and equip them so that you can have a greater influence, make more income, and make a bigger impact in your world.

So, if you, if you are interested in finding out more about that, I've got a couple of information sessions coming up in the next week and you can register for those. I'll step you through everything you need to know and make an informed decision as to whether or not now is the time for you to become certified in Social and Emotional Intelligence.

So if you’re watching this in the website, just hit reply to any of my emails and ask for the details. I will get those to you so that you can register and find out what all this “fuss” is about with this Social and Emotional Intelligence certification.

So that's it for this training.

Let me know what your insights are and what it is that you’re going to do with this. And I'd love to see you in one of the Information Sessions where you're going to find out exactly what to do to become certified and to have that Emotional Intelligence Practice Advantage.

I'll see you soon.

Gain massive CREDIBILITY as an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE subject matter expert to consistently ENGAGE higher-paying, longer-term CLIENTS. 

The EI Practice Advantage Training Will Help YOU Do 3 Things:

  1. ENTICE More Prospects. Shining the spotlight on you so you stand out in your marketplace.
  2. ENLIST More Members. Creating a consistent flow of income as an in-demand coach and trainer.
  3. EQUIP Your Clients. Empowering you to help your clients make lasting change with a ready-made tool kit.

Download your workbook here:



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