Authenticate Your Authority and Value

In this training, I’ll show you how we help coaches become the go-to authority in their niche and have more influence, income, and make a bigger impact in the world.

  1. Eliminate Imposter Syndrome. No more false beliefs or crippling self-doubt.
  2. Uncover Your Unique Advantage. Step into your calling and make a greater impact in your market.
  3. Monetize Your Past Experiences. Get more clients who relate to your struggle and want the lessons from your victories.

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Well, welcome to our training this week on the Authority Authenticator.

In this training, I will help you discover your unique value.

We're going to get rid of any false humility and get you to a position where you can step into your calling and start making the impact that you want in the world. 

Let's just go through this together and look at where this all fits in.

As part of the curriculum that I work with coaches, the Roadblock Eliminator, we go through three areas:

Mindset Makeover - where we get rid of those false and limiting beliefs.

Results Roadmap - We put this together so that we know exactly where we're going, the things that are stopping us from getting there, and what we need to do so that we can overcome them.

Authority Authenticator is the area I will talk to you about today. This area helps us step into your expertise, know that you are an authority, and be okay with that.

So, when you have the right mindset and you've got a roadmap to travel, then what you’re able to do is reverse the conditioning. When you’ve got that roadmap and go through what you’re going to go through today, this is all about giving you more confidence and creating confidence for your perfect-fit clients.

When you've got your authority authenticated, and you stepped into that, and you've got the right mindset, that means that you can take more control over your destiny and what it is that you want to build in your coaching practice.

But here's the thing: I see roadblocks that stop coaches from doing this all the time. What I want to do is I want to step through those, and I want you (as I'm doing that) to go, “Hey, is that me?” Because roadblocks are the things that will stop you from going from where you are now to where you want to go.

The first thing is Comparison Syndrome.

It's like the movie “Ford versus Ferrari.” They got wrapped up in comparing themselves to others that they dropped the ball.

This is what can happen for a coach, for a trainer when they're continually comparing themselves to every other coach out there. They're looking at that from a perspective of where those coaches- who've been doing it longer than they have - are now.

The result of that as well is that their confidence is crushed, and they hide behind everything, and they don't be who they can be because of those limiting beliefs, because of the things they're telling themselves in their dialogue.

And it creates a False Humility where it's okay to sit in the crowd and cheer others on and go:

“But no, that's okay. I don't want to step into the limelight.”

 And that could be you right now; if it is, let me know.

I've seen so many coaches in that place, and the result is Playing Small. 

The result is instead of being on the stage and letting your voice be out there, you're still in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, and you're not allowing the world to hear the beautiful sounds that can come from your voice because you feel like you're not a fit.

You feel like you're not good enough—all those things in the internal dialogue.

And team, this happens for coaches too. That’s right because coaches aren't perfect.

Just because you're a coach, whether you're an Emotional Intelligence coach or whatever, doesn't mean you've got all these things together.

So I aim to help you to have different results.

As you are reading this today, I want you to think about your reality and where you want to go because you can actually step into your calling where it's okay to be in the spotlight, where people are actually listening to you.

Instead of playing small, you've stepped up.

Where you're able to build a personal brand because you're confident in who you are, and you can draw from your hero's journey.

And the first thing to do is to be able to see yourself as that hero.

There are three parts of that call the hero's journey, and I will talk to you about those today.

One of my favorite movie series in the world is The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and then going into the Hobbit. They are amazing stories. The part that I loved, you can see a picture of a young Frodo being encouraged to step into his calling by Gandalf the Grey, and he's his mentor. And this is a pinnacle, a crucial part of the movie where Frodo goes from being just a hobbit in a town to taking on a quest. And he answers that Call.

Then the second thing that we all go through is the Struggle. I know I've certainly been through some, and I know you’ve gone through or you're going through them as well.

Frodo and his best friend Samwise Gamgee had some major falling-out as they went along on the journey. So, it's not all “peaches-and-cream” just because you've been called. There are some struggles along the way.

But then comes the Victory. If you've ever watched the movie, you know that they finally reach Mount Mordo. And Frodo goes inside and, he's defeated everything that's in his path. He takes that ring and throws it into the lava, and it's gone forever. And he's got that victory.

So within that Call, within that Struggle, within that victory, therein lies your authority.

What I want to do is allow you to look at how you can use this workbook.

If you haven't yet got a copy of the workbook, you can download a copy here: 




The workbook we’re about to go through is called the Authority Authenticator.

An authenticator is something that makes sure via a process that what you're thinking, what you're hearing, etcetera, is true. I think about my military career many years ago, where we had a code system that we would use where someone would say one thing, and we would go, “I authenticate…” whatever it was. Those two had to match with the code that we had in front of us or didn't make sense, and we didn't go through with it.

That's what I want to be for you today. 

I want, through this process, to be your authenticator.

I want to help you to discover your unique value.

Firstly, I want you to understand that you've got one.

I know for some of you that sometimes that Struggle has got you to a point where you don't feel you have any more. There are so many coaches out there doing so many things. Even in my area of expertise where I help Emotional Intelligence coaches, there's a lot of them. And obviously, the harder I work at that, the more there are.

But you've got a unique value that you can bring to your perfect fit audience. I want to help you to find that.

This authenticator is a process that you can go through.

Let me just show you some unpacking of what this means and then show you how to use the worksheets.

So, as I said, there are three parts to this:

The Call. That's that moment in time where, you know. And you go, “you know what, I'm stepping up, I'm going to be a coach. I'm going to do this. This is the mission that I'm going on.

The Struggle. A struggle typically comes right after the Call. There's less Struggle when you don't answer the Call. That's why a lot of coaches actually do play small because to be in the top percentage of coaches - to have the influence that you want, to make the income you want, to make the impact that you want in the world - you’ve got to do what others are prepared to do. So the Struggle does come, but then those who persist experience the Victory.

I know that you've experienced many victories already.

So here's the thing, let’s look at the Call. When we get this wrong, what we do is we run from the Call.

So, we hear it, we feel it, other people are saying it to us, and we go, “that's certainly not what I want to do. It's too scary. I'm not good enough…” whatever you're telling yourself.

But when we get this right and go through this process, we're able to embrace the Call, just like young Frodo Baggins did, and set off on that quest ahead.

When we do that, when we embrace the Call, this is where we're able to inspire people.

There are people out there waiting for you to be their coach right now that you can inspire with your Call. When we go into the Struggle and don't do this well, we focus on failure.

What did I get wrong?

How did I fail? 

And indeed at a higher level, what we do (even though we're coaches and we know this stuff and we can help others with it), what we do is we label ourselves as a “failure," which then becomes part of our identity as opposed to, “I failed.”

And we know that failure itself is only feedback. So when we do this well, when we are stepping into our authority, and when we've had that authenticated, our Struggle gives us lessons.

John Maxwell said: “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.”

So failure can be flipped into lessons. When we handle the Struggle, when we go through it and use it in the way it's designed, we then have things that we can inform our potential clients with. We can inform them and give them that information.

Let's have a look at the victory and then roll up our sleeves and allow you to do this for yourself.

So when we're looking at the, the victory, when we do this, not so well, everything that we learn, everything that we go through becomes lost. We go through the Call, the Struggle, and we go through the victory. However, when we are not capitalizing on them and we're not using them, they just become lost and you forget them. And you get back into another struggle when the victory had so much there for you.

When we do this well, we can take those victories, leverage them ,and turn them into teachable moments. We can show people what's possible. And all of this can help us, not just in our coaching, but definitely in our marketing as well.

When we leverage our victories, that allows us not just to inform, but to influence. So we get to influence people's thinking. We get to influence their decision-making. We get to influence their lives. This is because we've taken what it is that we've been through, and we’ve turned it into a currency. We've turned it into something that we can help people with.

So, what I want to ask you right now, just as we're going through this is:

 “Do you know when your call was?”

I guarantee that you could write out a heap of the struggles

What about your victories? Does your Struggle so much cover you in right now that you've forgotten the victories?

What I want to do is help you to get your reality. So the results, the way you want to go, but your reality is where you are right now with this.

So, as I said, you've got a worksheet here that you can go through. If you haven't yet got a copy of the workbook, you can download a copy here: 



In the worksheet you go through the process. So, as it says:

“Describe your journey, leading up to the call and the defining moments that inspired you to step up.”

So, it would be, before you became a coach, before you answered the Call, there were things that happened in your life. Or it could even be that you became a coach and you started doing some training or whatever it was. 

But then, there was a defining moment where you said, “you know what, that's it. This is me. This is what I do. This is who I am. This is my mission.”

“My mission is to be a coach…."

“My mission is to help people…."

Whatever it is.

Just like Frodo Baggins, who made it his mission to take the ring to Mordor and throw it to the fires of Mt. Doom, do the world can be safe again.

By the way, if you haven't watched any of the Lord of the rings movies, you are probably thinking, “what is he on about? 

Well, it's an amazing story of good triumphing over evil.

But, what is it for you?

What are the defining moments where you went, “you know what, that's me”?

So, capture that down on the worksheet and give it some time.

I've given you heaps of space there.

I want you to do it in the narrative so that you get really clear around that.

The next thing is to look at your Struggle.

Now we want to do this in a certain way.

We want to do this in a forward-focused way.

I don't want you to get to this point and go through your Struggle and then go, “Oh. Okay, that’s a place to camp. Let's feel sad about that.”

I want you to actually get in, and look at what adversity you've been through and what you learned from those experiences.

In your adversity is the seed of other's greatest opportunities.

I've been through the things in just the last 14 years of my coaching career.

When I first started my coaching journey, I almost lost my wife.

My wife spent five weeks in hospital. And we thought we were going to lose her.

I've had so many things happen, but I learnt so much about myself, about my ability, and about running a business, and all those things that I've been able to help others with.

So, what is your Struggle and what did you learn from those experiences?

A good idea might be to draw a line down the middle of the page, put your struggles over here and then go back and go, “okay, what did that teach me.” These things that you’ve in the worksheet, become your Intellectual Property. They become the things that you have to take into your practice.

Then the third area is your Victory.

Obviously we're going to go through the Call.

We're going to take up the Call, and we’re going to embrace that. 

We're going to go through some struggles, so that we get the victory as we're going through. 

I know this isn't just about a victory that is the pinnacle.

Now there are victories along the way. And if I get anything across to you today, I want you to understand that these victories can happen daily, and we need to celebrate those. Not by buying a new car, but by acknowledging them. Because out of the victories comes lessons as well where you’re able to look at it and go:

“What did I do well?”

“What was it that helped me to go through that struggle and come out the other side?”

So here it says:

What have you overcome by implementing those lessons and how did this help you to grow?

So, there you have it. If you haven't yet got a copy of the workbook, you can download a copy here:


And then, when you’re finished, what I want you to do is look at the last page of the workbook. 

There's an area for you to put your notes and questions on the left-hand side.

I want you to put your name on this.

I want you to use this as a tool for yourself. This isn't just something that you're doing. And we've got the ability here for you to put in your insights:

“What did you learn going through this process?

Then for the implementation section:

“What can you do with it?”

“What are you going to implement?”

For the impact section:

“What's the impact that it is going to make?”.

I'd really love you to come back to this video. And in the Facebook group, let me know what it is that you received from this.

Here's the thing: You are an authority. You have what it takes to be who you need to be to influence those who need your influence, make the income you deserve to make, and make a bigger impact in the world.

In our Growth Accelerator coaching group, we go a lot deeper in this stuff, and we do the other two areas as well.

But I really wanted to allow you to go through this, and if you want to find out more about that, you can book in a Growth Call with us.

Have an amazing week.

Next week, I look forward to bringing you some more training in the group.

I'll see you then.

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