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Become An Internationally Certified Coach and Trainer and Have More Influence, Income, and Impact in Your Practice 

We provide everything you need to get trained, internationally certified and mentored to assess, train, and coach individuals and teams using cutting-edge methodologies and the latest findings in applied neuroscience, positive psychology, social and emotional intelligence, and behavioural profiling. Blended delivery options are available so you get it done as fast or steady as you want. YOU CAN GET STARTED TODAY!

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We can help you no matter where you are right now on your journey. Whether you are just getting started or you are ready to grow and scale, we have a program that will get you there.


Certification Programs

Stand out as an internationally recognised coach, trainer, or consultant with massive credibility, without expensive travel or time away from your practice.

Get Internationally Certified

Mentoring Programs

Accelerate your practice so you can have more influence, income, and impact, without compromising your values or needing a fancy degree in sales and marketing.

Get Help and Accountability

Support Services

Outsource the exhausting and overwhelming tasks that are not in your genius zone so you can grow and scale your practice, without all the hassle of hiring a team.

Get It Done With You

All the Training, Tools, and Support You Need Right Now to Grow and Scale Your Expert Practice

Join the top 5% of speakers, trainers, coaches, facilitators and online educators across the globe by being taught and mentored by people who have already built successful businesses themselves.

Gain Massive Credibility through Quality Certifications and Get More High-Paying Clients in Your Practice 

You will get engaged more often because having the right credentials will set you apart from everyone else out there. Having the right tools also allows you to bring faster, longer-term results for your clients .

Marketing Training to Ensure You Can Continue to Spread Your Message

Avoid the frustration of being highly qualified but not having enough clients by learning proven strategies that attract and convert without being 'salesy'. There's even 'Done For You' support when you need it.

Learn At Your Own Pace Through Our Blended Delivery Options 

We know that you have many things going on and that one shoe does not fit everyone when it comes to learning. To help you get the right balance for you, we offer several ways you can get your training and certifications completed in line with your goals.

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A lot of people find it difficult to navigate the vast landscape of the influencer profession and decide what are the best development options for them. At People Builders, our first job is to help you choose what is the best path for you and your message. Contact us today and we will listen to what you want and then show you the best options you have to get there.

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