Influential Presenter

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Colin Boyd is our partner who provides specialist training in productivity and presentation skills.

In the ‘Influential Presenter Program’ you’ll discover:

> How to create a ‘rock solid confident mindset’ when delivering your next presentation
> A proven step-by-step framework for designing presentations that are persuasive and professional (This will cut your preparation time in half and double the impact your next presentation has)
> How to move from fear to confidence in under 3 seconds…This technique will help you to access the confidence you need to deliver at your best every time
> The secret influence strategies that top presenters use to build trust and credibility instantly (these will help you to win your audience over faster than you ever thought possible)
> How to use your body powerfully and correctly… So that your movement aligns with your message.
> The “Influencer Speech Template” – this editable word template will walk you though every word and phrase to use at each point of your presentation so that you know exactly what to say and when (It’s the exact structure and system Colin uses to deliver speeches that his clients pay him big dollars for)
> His #1 strategy, that works every time, to reduce resistance or pushback when sharing new ideas – When you learn this technique your audience will be open and receptive to you like never before
> The ‘Perfect PowerPoint Template’ – this downloadable file will instantly allow you to design beautiful presentations – this will make you stand out from everyone else for all the right reasons
> You’ll finish the course feeling equipped, clear and confident to be a persuasive, confident an engaging presenter.




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